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correctly, accurately and monitor each production and consumption stage!

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with the perfect popularity-profitability relation for every dish!

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by making better decisions and adopting the most suitable tactics!

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with the No 1 cost management application.

Item management per warehouse

Item categorization

Supplier management – initial inventory

Offers by suppliers

Market list models management

Order proposal – Approval levels

Order management

Modification in markets

Internal circulation registration

Destructions registration

Own consumption / own deliveries registration

Sales update in each point of sale

Creation of consumptions per point

Periodic inventories



Outturn data

Combine it with Amvrosia & Alexandros

Food & Beverage

The most complete application for thorough pricing.

In food and beverage pricing, the terms “more or less”, “on average”, “give or take” are unacceptable. A restaurant has a limited profit margin. By pricing correctly and accurately your recipes, you know the codes with the highest profit margin, compared to the rest items in your catalog, and you can take the necessary action to increase your profitability. Additionally, the menu of a food & beverage business has “communication power”, playing the role of an additional “seller”. The main index in pricing accurately is names “MENU ENGINEERING”. Menu Engineering is a gradual procedure, through which the management can evaluate current or future decisions on pricing, design and contents of the Menu.

Raise your profitability easily!

Compare the codes with the best profitability and popularity relation Do not try to guess the most suitable supplier, ingredients, recipes, portions etc. The Sunsoft F&B software knows best and proposes an abundance of options to you. Organization and operation rules are set, tailored to your needs.

The food and beverage control requires careful monitoring of processes in all the phases of a product’s life, supply, receipt, storage-preservation, circulation and conversion to other types of products for sale:

Menu Engineering

Can I...

See detailed Sales?

Maximize Efficiency / Profit?

Design a successful Commercial Sales Policy?

Manage my Stock and Orders properly?

Make Targeted Promotions (Marketing)?

Compare Multiple Fiscal Periods by analyzing sales on item level?