Centralized Management A Modern System, Developed with Contemporary Methods

It makes the most out of modern technology, it is fast, safe and functional, with low equipment and training requirements, thus ensuring the smooth operation of sale points, under any circumstances.

One-point management of shops, multiple companies, chain stores, warehouses, points of sale etc.

Centralized management of orders to suppliers

Warehouse-based product circulation from purchases, sales, returns, destructions, wastages, inventories etc.

Vast array of comparative analyses, comprehensive or detailed reports and information

Price-price catalog creation in each store

Sale statistics in each points of sale

Food-Beverages cost statistics

F&B centralized or per-store management

Combine it with F&B

Centralized Store Management

Do you own more than 2 stores and want to manage them directly, efficiently and accurately? Sunsoft has the answer! The AMBROSIA program’s Centralized Management application was created by Sunsoft, making the most of the experience and expertise of numerous stores and chain stores establishments and bringing it to you, aiming at covering the needs of modern businesses in the current market conditions as a new, valuable partner for the entrepreneur-investor.

Using it, you will be able to make all the transactions necessary in the daily management of 2 or more point of sale, as well as to monitor their progress in detail through statistical reports.

True Immediate Benefits:

  • Simple and easy to use. Fast, safe and functional.

  • Transactions and data security. New method of delivering statistical data.

  • Innovative communication, networking and data exchange system.