Alexandros Front Office Hotel booking program

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The Most Reliable Hotel Solution

that includes all the necessary applications for hotel management.

Travel agencies, companies, contracts Allotment & Commitment, Booking Positions.

Special arrangements, early booking, special offers, minimum stay, 7=6 etc.

Booking-availability plan, room plan, room rack.

Housekeeping, maintenance, forecast and meal plans

Main courante, night audit, accounting entries export (main courante or sales calendar).

Customers, history, rooming lists with different check-in/check-out dates.

Packages (accommodation terms): Bed and breakfast, half board, full board, all inclusive.

Multiple bills, e-invoicing, connection to Bavel.

Hotel Management Program

Αλέξανδρος Front Office

Alexandros Front Office Your hotel program is the core of your business

It connects you with all the “key points” of your hotel, giving you the freedom to immerse yourselves into the most important task “the management”

Sunsoft’s hotel management programs, were created to create happy customers, no delays or standbys, more bookings and excellent service!

Exactly what you need as you want it

Get a head start with consulting support by Sunsoft, the leading software design company for Tourism and Food & Beverage companies.

Can a hotel booking system change the way you think?

Yes, it can, and it is here, in Sunsoft. If you have a Hotel business... meet Alexandros. The ideal hotel management program for you!

8 New Modules

that completes your hotel’s management

Web Registration: Check-in without delays

Email marketing: Make your sales “take off”

Mobile check-in: Right in the room without delays

Surveys: The key to happy customers

Document reader: Fast customer passport and ID reader.

Restaurant check-in: Check that the customer has the right to enter a certain restaurant.

Web booking engines- Channel management

Pay TV, key locks, call centers Access control & energy management

The AMVROSIA program is the ideal solution for your hotel’s Eating establishments!

Choose the No 1 pool bar, beach bar, cafeteria, restaurant, room service management program! Simple, powerful and easy to use.

Food & Beverage

Take “full control” over food and beverage production

Do not try to guess the most suitable choice for you.

The Sunsoft F&B software knows best and presents a plethora of options to you. Organization and operation rules are set, tailored to your needs.

The food and beverage control requires careful monitoring of processes in all the phases of a product’s life, supply, receipt, storage-preservation, circulation and conversion to other types of products for sale:


How much does each dish cost?


Which of your recipes has the best combination of Popularity/Profitability?


What suppliers to choose & how consistent are they?


How much would you like each dish in your menu to cost?